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Care Educator - Level 1



Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

At Trualta, we empower families to help loved ones age in place. Our clinically validated digital health platform brings professional-level training to individuals caring for loved ones with dementia, intellectual or developmental disabilities, Parkinson's Disease, stroke, and other illnesses. Our expanding content library continues to adapt to the unique needs of family caregivers. Caregiving is a serious challenge for many Americans with more than 15% of American workers reporting they are providing ongoing care for a loved one, making a solution like Trualta more valuable than ever.

The Care Educator plays a critical role in providing support to caregivers while also internally supporting the Trualta caregiver community as a whole. Caregivers commonly deal with feelings of isolation and uncertainty, longing to connect with someone that simply understands. That's your mission as a Care Educator; through a combination of empathy, technology, and relationship building, we look to you to help build a vibrant community and accessible support for our caregivers. You will offer a space where caregivers can feel safe, accepted, and valued by giving them the tools and confidence to better care of loved ones at home. Internally, we term our live events programs as “Connection” programs. You will also support the Connection initiatives by coordinating efforts around support group recruitment, outreach communication such as newsletters, and other internal efforts to make this part of the business successful. You will also develop your business skills as you collect program data, research educational topics, and coordinate with team members to make program iterative improvements. This is an opportunity for someone who is passionate about helping caregivers and wants to transform their clinical experience into education technology business experience to create impactful health outcomes at scale.

Role and Responsibilities

The Level 1 Care Educator will facilitate the variety of groups Trualta offers, including cohort-based support groups, interest groups, and semi-facilitated groups. You will also engage with caregivers in our forum, Trualta’s Community Chat Room, allowing caregivers to experience the benefit of interacting with others in an asynchronous way. Lastly, you will coordinate with other team members and perform program-related operational tasks. You will report to the Care Education Manager and work closely with other Product Team Members to ensure a collaborative and informed team environment.

  • Facilitate ongoing support groups that are cohort-based or flexible drop-in
  • Moderate the Community Chat Room in a meaningful way to promote engagement and help caregivers derive value from their asynchronous interactions
  • Research and collect information for educational topics to be presented in webinars
  • Document and organize data related to all Trualta live events, including SOAP notes, registration and participation numbers, feedback scores, and projections for future live events
  • Assist in the live events recruitment process, such as strategy, copy development, and performance tracking
  • Assist in the content development process to support learning needs
  • Research and develop new live events offerings such as interest groups, improved graduate programs, and study sessions
  • Respond to caregiver inquiries to support their role journey, providing a compassionate ear and educational resources
  • Provide an organized and data-oriented feedback loop to continuously improve all education offerings
  • Identify creative solutions to drive company initiatives such as increased engagement, communication best practices, and skills application proof

Education & Skills

    • 4-year degree required (preferably in health-related field)
    • Licensed health care or social services professional preferred (Certification as LBSW, RN, BLS, case manager, geriatric care manager, or licensed clinician)
    • Experience working directly with patients and families of those receiving care
    • Experience implementing and operating new programs
    • Experience critically analyzing quantitative and qualitative information
    • Experience using digital platforms as a communication tool
    • Proficiency with Google Suite
    • Spanish bilingual strongly preferred